After growing up in a household that was very food-forward and embraced creativity in the kitchen, I developed a love of fresh, imaginative cuisine and a passion for cooking.


 From the homemade pizza sauce and dough my dad would tend so lovingly, to my culinary-world-travelling mum who inspired my love of international cuisine, to those early Canadian cooking shows (I’m looking at you Wok with Yan!), cooking has surrounded me and infused my life with flavour. 


Since beginning my KETO lifestyle several years ago I wanted to combine the tastes of home with my new low-carb food choices and share my love of food and cooking with fellow Ketonians. I wanted to eat all the amazing things I’d always loved and I bit right into the challenge of making them over as keto-rific.  I started with buns and comfort classics like lasagna and soon I was adapting pizza crusts, chocolate bars and ice cream. 


Today I’m bursting with pride at the result of all the hard work.  Alter Eat-o’s meals are diverse, delicious, decadent and delivered to our wonderful customers.


 We offer a full new menu each week – no small feat I assure you!  But so worth it: we want our customers to have options that make eating an adventure and a delight.  Our entrees, bakery items and desserts are scratch-made, healthy, low-carb, sugar-free and flavour-full!  


Now, you can have your cake and eat KETO too!


- Leslie