Food Service/Wholesale Program

The Ketogenic Diet is taking the world by storm.  

It is one of the fastest growing food-based lifestyles and was the most-searched diet online in 2018.  Consumers are chomping at the bit to get Keto-friendly products and foods. 

Are you a retailer?

Don't wait - lead the way by adding KETO products to your inventory.  Alter Eat-o offers many of our menu items direct to retailers - our top performers are our KETO Buns (only 2g Net Carb each), KETO Pizza Crusts and our KETO Waffles (only 1g Net Carb each).

Do you own a restaurant, cafe or food shop?

Offering Keto-friendly alternatives will quickly become the norm as the Keto Diet continues to gain momentum.  You will want your menu to support this lifestyle.  Whether it's to have buns or waffles for your signature sandwiches, crusts for your famous pizzas or sweets to pair with a latte - we've got you covered.

Want to try before you buy?

We get it! We’re foodies too and quality is important to us. Samples & tastings can be arranged.

Contact Us directly to learn more about our food service and wholesale discount programs.